5 Reasons Couples Should Use an Investment Manager

Investment managers can provide a wide range of advantages for anyone looking to make the most of their money, but they can be particularly beneficial if you're looking to start investing with your partner. Investing as a couple can present certain challenges, but here are just five ways investment managers will help.

1. Balance Out Risk

One potential issue a couple can face when starting to invest is that one partner wants to pursue relatively high-risk ventures while the other prefers to go low-risk. This can cause tension and prevent couples from moving forward, but investment management can help. One key service of an investment manager is keeping your portfolio balanced, so you'll have some high-risk investments balanced by others with steadier and more reliable returns. That kind of balance can prevent too much from being invested in one direction and will allow both partners to be satisfied.

2. Point You Towards Joint Benefits

While investing as a couple can have its drawbacks, there are also benefits. Several financial products offer joint benefits, and the way you invest as a couple can allow you to save on how much goes to the taxman. An investment manager will know about every product and scheme designed to assist couples, so they'll be able to ensure you take full advantage of everything that's available. That could end up saving you a considerable sum.

3. Act as Arbiter

Couples who invest will almost inevitably come into some +conflict, even if only in the smallest way. Again, having an investment manager can help. They will be able to provide impartial advice about the best way forward and offer alternatives that might better suit the needs of both partners. This can greatly simplify things can prevent any unpleasant disagreements.

4. Balance the Workload

Another common concern among couples thinking about investing together is that one may feel they are taking on too much of the burden. Investing isn't just about putting in the money – you also need to monitor your portfolio and keep track of market developments. An investment manager removes the worry of an unbalanced workload by doing all the work for you. You'll then be able to meet with your manager as a couple and make decisions together on an even footing.

5. Realize Joint Goals

Couples often invest with specific financial goals in mind, such as retiring with a certain amount or affording a large purchase in a few years. Those joint goals represent big parts of a couple's life, so it makes sense to have them planned out with a financial professional who can look at each partner's financial situation and put together a portfolio that works for both partners.

For more information, reach out to an investment management service near you.